Is A Small Padlock Secure Enough?

Is A Small Padlock Secure Enough?

small padlock (818) 309-1988The Million-Dollar Question

The only one who can truly answer whether a small padlock is secure enough is the criminal that attempts to break or pick said lock. Almost every padlock or similar combination locks can be picked or cut. With that being said, the answer would have to be no because a determined criminal will try any means and/or tools to break in. That brings us back to the million-dollar question- is a small padlock secure enough? Can it ensure peace of mind while you’re hundreds of miles away and protect your precious home from intruders? Let’s take a closer look.

Padlock Grades

No two padlocks are the same- As a matter of fact, the Best Padlocks will need to resist harsh weather, forced entry, and lots and lots of lockpicking. Therefore, you will want to get a small padlock that has a high security rating. The CEN (Central European Norm) padlock grades go from Grade 1 to 6, with Grade 1 being Low Security and Grade 6 being Maximum Security. Hence, the higher the grade, the more secure the padlock is. And the more secure your padlock is, the more time you have to catch a burglar trying to pick it or break it.

Tools Help

The internet has helped countless kinds of people in this world, even criminals. If you search online for lock picking tools, a slew of vendors pop up. There are hundreds of opinions to choose from, all ranging from very cheap to highly priced.

Some padlocks are even susceptible to homemade picking tools. The use of electric saws is a common practice in the aiding of cutting a lock off. So, there is no stopping a determined criminal. He or she will find a way to get through that small padlock.

best small padlock (818) 309-1988Use Multiple Locks

Even though a bad lock can leave you open to become a victim, using multiple ones is a common practice. It might take a criminal a good amount of time till he or she cuts or picks one lock. Now they are risking being seen by anyone.

But chances are, if you use many different types of padlocks on a door, a criminal will not even take a second look. That’s because the illusion of security can actually decrease the chance that a burglar will break into your home.

Call A Locksmith

If you’re worried that your valuables are not safe due to a weak, small padlock, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate over the phone on choosing the best small padlock for your particular situation, so call Locksmith Porter Ranch today. (818) 309-1988.

A closer look at Home Security

We at Porter Ranch Locksmith know that your home’s security is extremely important to you. A home security system prevents intruders and burglars from getting in with smart monitoring technology.

Therefore, the sooner you act to improve your home’s security, the more relieved you’ll be throughout your day knowing that your home is in good hands. Of course, you could also install it yourself at home if you wanted to.

But ask yourself this- what if you install it incorrectly or your lack of security placement knowledge causes the system to freeze while you’re on vacation in Burma? Your home would instantly be at risk for all kinds of security threats, and you don’t want that. Let trained professional locksmiths handle your security concerns instead and your mind will be at ease.

We secure your house while you are away

Our technicians at Locksmith Porter Ranch can install any security system for you easily and quickly so that you can get back to your life. They have the proper knowledge, skills, and expertise to install any security system you throw at them. And they’ll do it whenever you need it, day or night, as we take appointments for all kinds of schedules.

Featured home security systems

ADT Pulse– Full- service security system that offers component options, third-party smart device support, and a great user experience. Expensive ($29/month).

Vivint Smart Home– Features 24/7 Security monitoring and remote control door locks, cameras, heating system, and video doorbell. Expensive ($549).

Wink Lookout– A security system that monitors the house using your smartphone. Easy to install, works with multiple third party devices, supports wireless protocols. Cheap ($199).

Nest Secure– Smart home security system that’s stylish and easy to install. Expensive (419.00), no voice commands or IFTTT support.

Frontpoint Home Security System– DYI Home Security System. Easy to install, responsive sensors, many accessories. Pricey plans, requires 1-3 year monitoring contract.


Home Security Installation

It’s important to know how to properly install your home security device and get it up and running. It’s also important to know how to maintain your security system. You could do it yourself, but who has the time to sit around looking at security footage all day?

Therefore, we advise that your home security system is properly installed in the house. Neglecting it could cause your house to be vulnerable to all sorts of suspicious people at night, and you don’t want that.

Locksmith Porter Ranch Smart Security Devices

Fortify your home with the latest security gadgets and ward off intruders with the smartest security devices you’ve ever seen! Our home security locksmith will install, maintain and even advise you on what security measures you can take next. Because your quest for better home security deserves the best service in the industry! Remember, a properly secured home can save you thousands of dollars in the long run if you act fast.

Our technicians have expert knowledge in what kinds of security systems would work best in your home and provide the most coverage. Because at the end the day, all we want is for you to have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe from harm and theft.

Locksmith Porter Ranch is open 24 hours a day to provide amazing home security solutions for your home or business. We work tirelessly to provide you excellent service and ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with our work once we’re done with the job. Additionally, our customer service reps can dispatch a home security locksmith to your location in 20 minutes or less.

In conclusion, we’re open 24/7 and all major holidays to serve your every locksmith need with haste. We look forward to installing top-notch security systems for your home or business. Give us a call at (818) 309-1988 and get on the line with the pros to transform your home security today!

Why To Choose Porter Ranch Locksmith

Locksmith Porter Ranch

Why you need us

Our daily lives revolve around locks and keys, in more ways than any other contraption we use.
Getting out of bed and entering our bathroom may be a routine chore that we have been doing so, since we can remember, but we open and lock the bathroom door.
To leave the bathroom, we again open and close the bathroom door, without much of a thought.
To get ourselves dressed we open and close our wardrobe doors which we do practically every day.
Having dressed we leave the sanctity of our bedroom, opening and locking the door.
Checking to see if all windows, doors and most importantly our main door are firmly and securely locked is a routine we follow, without much of a thought again as this is what we have been doing every time we tend to leave our homes.

How we work

To gain entry into our vehicle we utilize the services of a key, which will be the same key that we will use to start it. Getting into our offices we may be using a key, and to open our desks, cupboards, tool boxes, and many other places we need to access to we open locks.
Locks and keys of many different types are a very integral part of our daily lives, but how many of us give them the respect they deserve. We find fault with locks and keys when they refuse to heed our command of “open Shezami or close Shezami”.
It is only when they refuse to do our bidding that we take notice of them and get very agitated and that too only if we had employed a Cheap Locksmith to carry out such a very important endeavor.
This could happen to us at any time and at any place without any prior warning, but we need not alarm ourselves there is 24 hour Locksmith, the professionals waiting just a phone call away to come help us out.
With a fleet of well equipped vehicles at their disposal, delivering prompt and efficient service satisfying all their customers over the years has been their forte.

Our Experience:

Well trained and qualified, with many years of experience behind them they are able to take you out of your predicament, in the least possible time.
Porter Ranch Locksmith is governed by ethics and will always strive to keep your security solutions confidential and take diligence and commitment as pinnacles of a successful business.
Their locksmith services are considered exemplary in the industry because their locksmith technicians are screened for possible criminal backgrounds which is a mandatory statutory requirement and you can be rest assured that at whatever time or place they respond to your call, you will be in very safe hands as none of their technicians have ever been wanting on this score.

The 24 hour service that is an integral part of what Porter Ranch Locksmith is reputed for has one of the quickest response times in the trade and they have always striven to improve on their performance.

A Guide to Digital Locks

A Guide to Digital Locks

Digital Locks Porter RanchAs technology progresses and older security systems become obsolete in providing the best security, digital locks have started gaining popularity. They are especially becoming popular for commercial and residential use and are no longer limited to use by giant business buildings. Digital locks come in various types to suit individual needs and are likely to take over the traditional locks as a preferred locking system. Not only are digital locks safer but they are a far more convenient option as there’s no risk of losing keys and having to go through the arduous process of re-keying.

Entry Methods

Entry methods for digital locks vary and you can choose which one is most suitable for you.
● Combination door locks – these come with a keypad or touch screen for you to type in a pin number to allow entry. There’s no hassle with a key and you can have a security system programmed in such a way to only allow a limited number of entries after which an alarm goes to alert you of someone trying to gain entry.
● RFID – this use a key fob or card for entry. You won’t even need to bother taking your key fob or card out of your wallet or purse as it will sense it when you’re close by.
● Bluetooth enabled locks – they work in a similar way to the RFID and sense your phone’s Bluetooth when you’re close by to automatically open. Both options are perfect for disabled people as it allows them to open the door by just being in close range.
● Biometric locks – this is the most convenient lock as there’s no way to misplace your fingerprint and it’s also the safest as your fingerprint can’t be stolen or replicated. As fingerprints can be stored by the biometric system, you can choose whom to allow access and for what period. You can later remove that fingerprint when necessary.

Digital Locks Get “Smart”!

Other than the security provided by the particular entry methods, digital locks can be further optimized by syncing it with your home security system and other home devices for added protection and convenience. Some digital locks are designed to sync with certain apps so that you can have constant alerts about anyone trying to access your home. The apps can also be used to give you easier and better access when you have to unlock the digital locks or can act as a secondary unlocking method. It is also possible to use these apps to unlock your door for someone without having to come home to do it for them. For example, if an unexpected relative or friend arrives while you’re at work you can unlock the door from your app to give them access. It is also possible to sync fire alarm, burglar alarm and flood alarm systems to the apps so that you can immediately be alerted in case of an emergency and can take the necessary measures to fix the problem.

Locksmith Porter Ranch

Kevin P

“Had gotten locked out of my house at around 12PM, very late and I became worried. Called a few locksmiths and many had a premium charge for late night, others said they could take an hour to get here. Finally called Porter Ranch locksmith and they got here in 25 minutes and let me in my door quickly. Very good quick service, they were reliable, answered all my questions and really helped out big time! I recommend!”

Carol G

“Got locked out of my car late late at night and didn’t know what to do exactly. Was really worried and wasn’t sure if I was gonna be stuck all night. Gave this locksmith a call and they said 25 minutes:) much better then the other call times I got approaching an hour! They got here in the time stated and let me into my car! Very happy with the service!”

Josh W

“Needed some house locks rekeyed for a property for work, called up this locksmith company and they did a fine job creating a brand new keys for the property and giving me some good peace of mind!”

Gill H

“Left my car keys inside my Lexus, didn’t have much to go off of, so I figured id stop wasting time and call a locksmith. Porter Ranch locksmith was the closest and they took care of the problem. Got inside my vehicle within 20 minutes and I was on my way. Good Service, great speed.”

Sherry Q

“I came home from dinner to find I had misplaced the key, luckily Porter Ranch Locksmith was so close they were able to get to me within 20 minutes! They let me into my home with no trouble without hurting my locks or doors!:) Very pleased with the service and the locksmith who came was a very nice man!”

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