Is A Small Padlock Secure Enough?

Is A Small Padlock Secure Enough

small padlock (818) 309-1988The Million-Dollar Question

The only one who can truly answer whether a small padlock is secure enough is the criminal that attempts to break or pick said lock. Almost every padlock or similar combination locks can be picked or cut. With that being said, the answer would have to be no because a determined criminal will try any means and/or tools to break in. That brings us back to the million-dollar question- is a small padlock secure enough? Can it ensure peace of mind while you’re hundreds of miles away and protect your precious home from intruders? Let’s take a closer look.

Padlock Grades

No two padlocks are the same- As a matter of fact, the Best Padlocks will need to resist harsh weather, forced entry, and lots and lots of lockpicking. Therefore, you will want to get a small padlock that has a high security rating. The CEN (Central European Norm) padlock grades go from Grade 1 to 6, with Grade 1 being Low Security and Grade 6 being Maximum Security. Hence, the higher the grade, the more secure the padlock is. And the more secure your padlock is, the more time you have to catch a burglar trying to pick it or break it.

Tools Help

The internet has helped countless kinds of people in this world, even criminals. If you search online for lock picking tools, a slew of vendors pop up. There are hundreds of opinions to choose from, all ranging from very cheap to highly priced.

Some padlocks are even susceptible to homemade picking tools. The use of electric saws is a common practice in the aiding of cutting a lock off. So, there is no stopping a determined criminal. He or she will find a way to get through that small padlock.

best small padlock (818) 309-1988Use Multiple Locks

Even though a bad lock can leave you open to become a victim, using multiple ones is a common practice. It might take a criminal a good amount of time till he or she cuts or picks one lock. Now they are risking being seen by anyone.

But chances are, if you use many different types of padlocks on a door, a criminal will not even take a second look. That’s because the illusion of security can actually decrease the chance that a burglar will break into your home.

Call A Locksmith

If you’re worried that your valuables are not safe due to a weak, small padlock, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate over the phone on choosing the best small padlock for your particular situation, so call Locksmith Porter Ranch today. (818) 309-1988.